Cape Breton University awards honorary doctorate to Yahya al-Fakharani and Hussein al-Jasmi

October 12, 2017

The University of Cape Breton awards the honorary doctorate of the great actor Yahya Al Fakharani and Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi in recognition of their outstanding art and outstanding contributions in a tradition that began in 2015 to honor Egyptian and Arab symbols from outside Canada.

This is part of the celebration of the Canadian Higher Institutes CIC on Monday, October 16, 2017, the graduation of a new batch, in a hotel in New Cairo, in the presence of Ambassador Jess Dutton Ambassador of Canada in Cairo, and Ambassador Juma Mubarak Al-Junibi Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Cairo, University of Cape Breton, Dr. Magdy Al-Qadi, Chairman of CIC, a group of faculty members in Egypt and a number of Canadian universities.

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