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Established in 1997 with the aim of leadership in the field of educational consultancy and management services. Our group’s main focus is to offer distinguished Canadian educational experience in Egypt & the Middle East by bringing Canadian education closer to students in the region. We are currently running the following models in Egypt: Canadian International College CIC, University of Prince Edward Island’s MBA program & we Launched the Universities of Canada in Egypt.


Our vision is to advance the education in Egypt and the Middle East to be equal to the quality of that in place in Canada and Europe.


Canwell leverages world-renowned quality education to develop human capacity in Egypt and the Middle East. We achieve this mission by establishing international educational institutions, coordinating delivery and quality assurance of educational programs, we also provide efficient technological solutions to upgrade and facilitate the administration, delivery, and quality assurance of the educational process.


  • Provide quality education with international standards to individuals, schools, and Universities
  • Help students to develop their full potential by engaging in the extent of the applied learning through bundle of certificates, diplomas and postgraduates and training programs
  • Support tailored training to best serve the market needs through full analysis, designing, implementation, and evaluation of vocational programs

Story of success

Our group is considered as the sole provider of Canadian education in Egypt since the date of establishment in 1997. With offices in Cairo, Dubai & Toronto we have now over 10,000 candidates enrolled at our entities not covering the trainees. We currently run 3 different models all of which are providing Canadian degrees whether bachelor or postgraduate degrees. These degrees are offered in collaboration with our Canadian partners such as Cape Breton University, University of Prince Edward Island, etc.


Dr. Magdy Elkady is the president of Canwell Educational Consultants, the holding company responsible for bringing Canadian tertiary education to Egypt. Dr. Elkady is an Egyptian-Canadian who achieved his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Asiut University. As president of the Canadian International College (CIC) since its opening in 2004, he encouraged the introduction of cutting-edge educational methodologies at both the New Cairo and Sheik Zayed Campuses. His mission is to create a healthy environment for students to excel academically and socially, thus producing well-rounded graduates who achieve success in local and international markets. In acknowledgment of his efforts in the field of education, Dr. Elkady was honored with his LL.D from Cape Breton University. Dr. Elkady’s latest accomplishment is the establishment of Universities of Canada in Egypt (UCE). Located in the New Administrative City, this new campus promises the continuation of Dr. Elkady’s legacy of bringing Canadian educational excellence to Egypt.


Over the years we were able to offer various opportunities to students in Egypt and the Middle East. With our educational programs, we not only offer the opportunity of graduating with Canadian degree at their home country but also offer travel opportunities to Canada to continue their studies there with our partners. Each of our models offers quality education whether by programs taught in Egypt by Canadian professors such as the MBA provided by University of Prince Edward Island, or by the transfer and exchange opportunities offered by the Canadian International College in Egypt where students can continue their studies in Canada for a year or more.
We are bringing the Canadian classroom experience closer to students in Egypt & the Middle East through our collaboration with a consortium of Canadian universities in our latest project Universities of Canada in Egypt. This model will act as an international branch campus in its role, by attracting several programs from different Canadian universities such as the University of Prince Edward Island. UCE is located in the new administrative city, Egypt. A model that is run and taught completely by Canadians flying all the way from their campuses in Canada to Egypt.



Our group was established in 1997 with the aim of leadership in the field of educational consultancy and management services.


Canadian International College - CIC

CIC was established in 2004 with the aim of providing affordable and distinguished Canadian bachelor degrees in Egypt. Being the sole provider of Canadian bachelor degrees in the market, CIC offers unique opportunities of transfer and exchange programs to Cape Breton University, Canada.
Now CIC has 7000+ student 17% of which are international students, studying in 5 academic schools in Business Administration, Business Technology Information, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Mass Communication. Over 1000 alumni are now working in the most reputable companies and organizations in Egypt & worldwide, some of which has transferred to Canada through our programs. Visit CIC Website


Universities of Canada in Egypt - UCE

Targeted for inauguration in September 2018, UCE includes the faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, faculty of Science (school of Computer Science), faculty of Business, faculty of Arts, and faculty of Graduate Studies. We believe that UCE will be a lucrative option not only for Egyptian students, but also for international students from Gulf Countries, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and other African countries who regularly search for Canadian education. Visit UCE Website

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Education Management, Education Consultation and Professional Training.
With our extensive experience in the field of higher education in the Middle East and strong relationships in the business community, we are always keen on providing continuous development to educational plans and institutions to meet the market needs.

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