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Experience – Canwell



• Successful existing models in Egypt: Canadian International College (CIC) (two campuses) and Universities of Canada in Egypt (UofCanada)
• Highly experienced staff and faculty to back up all activities.
• High quality of education in Canada and the popularity of its university system worldwide.
• A strong relationship with the Canadian educational stakeholders as well as several well-known universities and colleges.
• Crucial experience in managing a highly successful and unconventional Undergraduate/Postgraduate educational institutions and training centers.
• Dynamic and energetic management team.
• Excellent experience in the Middle East and the Gulf Area.

Current Active Partnerships

• Cape Breton University
• British council CIC – British Council Partnership
o Choosing CIC premises as an IELTS Examinations Centre:
o Choosing CIC to run the IGCSE IT Exams:
o Setting up a ‘British Council Learning Centre at CIC premises.
• University of Prince Edward Island-UPEI
• Ryerson University

Experience in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Canwell has opened the Dubai branch in 2015 after it has been involved for the last three years in Training and management consultation in UAE with different clients under the name of Canwell Management and Administration Training. Canwell has been involved in consultations to set up several educational institutions in the Saudi Kingdom

A Track Record

Canwell, through its well-established projects in Egypt, strives to bring state-of-the-art and unique education to its students, on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This was largely achieved through its major projects led by the Canadian International College (CIC), and lately its notable project, the Universities of Canada in Egypt – UofCanada).

Canwell also provides consultancy and professional training services to different educational entities in the market by offering programs that meet the markets’ needs and be able to compete locally and globally.

Canwell’s offspring was the setting up of the Canadian International College (CIC) in 2004 in New Cairo City (NC). CIC was set up with the aim of providing affordable and distinguished Canadian bachelor’s degrees in Egypt. Being the sole provider of Canadian bachelor’s degrees in the market, CIC offers unique opportunities for transfer and exchange programs to Cape Breton University, Canada.

CIC New Cairo

The success of CIC-NC motivated CanWell to set up another branch in 2012 in Sheikh Zayed to serve students living in the 6th of October City and the surrounding areas.

Now CIC has more than 9000 students, studying in five academic schools in Business Administration, Business Technology Information, Engineering, Computer Science, and Mass Communication. More than 5500 alumni are now working in reputable companies and organizations in Egypt & overseas; some of whom have transferred to Canada through CIC programs.

Through its unique reputation, CIC was able to enter into a partnership with the British Council (BC), Egypt, whereby the BC convenes its various international tests and other activities in CIC. This includes the IELTS Standard Test, the IELTS Computer Delivered Test, the APTIS Test, the IGCSE-ICT Tests, and the British Council Staff Training.

Being the Cairo Campus for the University of Cape Breton, all CIC students registered for the Canadian or dual program, have to take and pass successfully the CBU English Language Test which is held in Cairo twice per year.

CIC Sheikh Zayed

CIC-Zayed Campus hosts the Centre of Excellence which aims at ensuring the quality of learning.

Canwell’s offerings are not only confined to awarding bachelor’s degrees but also postgraduate studies as well. It is worth noting that CanWell was the first entity to introduce the first Canadian MBA program in Egypt.

Universities of Canada in Egypt - UofCanada

A rather voluminous project for Canwell was the inauguration, in September 2018, of the University of Canada – Egypt (UofCanada). The UofCanada offers a unique topnotch education in Egypt by selecting carefully degree programs from top-ranking Canadian universities.

The UofCanada includes the faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, faculty of Science (school of Computer Science), faculty of Business, faculty of Arts, and faculty of Graduate Studies.

We believe that UofCanada will be a lucrative option not only for Egyptian students but also for international students from the Gulf Countries, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and other African countries who regularly search for imminent Canadian education.

UofCanada currently hosts the branch campus of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Each of the top-ranked programs that UPEI offers, through the UofCanada branch campus in Egypt, is identical to the program it offers to Canadian students in Canada.

At the end of their program students studying at UPEI hosted by UofCanada in Egypt will be granted exactly the same degree as students studying in Canada. Therefore, students will graduate with a Canadian degree recognized worldwide. The degree is also accredited in Egypt and recognized by the Syndicates. Students studying at UPEI hosted by UofCanda can also transfer and study in Canada as they can simply leave their classes in Egypt and pick them up again effortlessly in Canada.

UofCanada is preparing to launch our new partnership with Ryerson University to start Fall 2020 with the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD).

Our Partners



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