The Universities of Canada in Egypt opens its branch in the administrative capital September 2018

October 10, 2017

The Universities of Canada in Egypt plans to open a branch in the administrative capital in September with investments overall 1.7 Billion Egyptian Pounds.

Dr. Magdy Elkady said, University’s president, The new headquarters represents a center of excellence in the Canadian education in Egypt and North Africa with an area of ​​50 acres. UofCanada includes the faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, faculty of Science (school of Computer Science), faculty of Business, faculty of Arts, and faculty of Graduate Studies.

He pointed out that the university consists of 8 buildings, will be the allocation of 7 buildings for educational purposes and a building for scientific research.

Dr. Khaled Abdul-Ghaffar performed yesterday afternoon visit to the headquarters of the Canadian University in the administrative capital.

He said the Canadian University had started working in Egypt by the beginning of 1997 according to Egyptian law, and the value of its current assets are 960 Million Egyptian Pounds.

The university president pointed out that it is intended to be 50% of its students from Africa and the Middle East, through signing a number of international conventions to meet the needs of the Middle East and North Africa

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